Политика за бисквиткиПолитика за бисквитки

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In order to personalize your visits to the website www.wallsbeyond.com (“the Website”) and allow you to benefit from its optimal functionality, as well as to improve the services we provide to you, sometimes we store small pieces of data called “cookies” on your device. This is a standard practice, used on almost every website worldwide.


What are cookies?


Cookies are small text documents, stored by your browser on your computer/mobile device when you visit a certain website. They allow this website to remember your previous actions and preferences, to adapt its content to these actions and preferences and to provide optimal performance by the certain webpage. In this way the functionality of the website is improved and your interaction with it is accelerated and made easier. For example, with the cookies’ help your username and password are remembered, as well as other settings chosen by you, removing the need to manually enter/choose them every time you visit a certain website.


Cookies can be used to create anonymous statistics (about the users’ behavior while using the website) with the purpose of improving the structure, design, look and contents of the website. Some websites use cookies, in order to send targeted advertising or marketing messages, on the basis of, for example, your location and/or your habits when navigating through the Internet.


The current policy describes the types of cookies we use and the purposes we use them for. The cookies won’t be used by us for any other purpose, except those mentioned below.


What types of cookies do we use?


The Website can use the following types of cookies:

  • session cookies which are temporary, and usually your computer deletes them after you leave the respective webpage, close your browser, or turn off your computer; and
  • persistent cookies which are stored on your device for a certain period of time, indicated in the parameters of the cookies and this period can be longer than a year, or until you decide to delete them manually. These cookies could be used again the next time you visit the Website


We use the following types of cookies:


  • essential cookies: these cookies are strictly necessary for the Website in order to perform its features. For example certain cookies allow us to identify registered users. If a registered user turns off these cookies, s/he wouldn’t be able to access content that is available because of his/her registration;
  • performance cookies: these cookies are not essential for the functioning of the Website, but rather collect anonymous data about the way in which the visitors use it. These cookies provide data about the visited pages, the time spent on the Website, and the issues that may have occurred, for example – an error message. This data helps us improve the effectiveness of the Website;
  • functionality cookies: these cookies are not essential but they improve your visits to the Website, by remembering your personal preferences, so it won’t be necessary to enter your information every time, after you have already submitted it once. These cookies may, for example, store data like your username, language or preferred location. These cookies allow us to personalize your visit to the Website and to provide you with personalized characteristics.


Third-party cookies:


The Website can allow the use of “third-party cookies”. These cookies are managed by the policies of the corresponding third-parties and we don’t have control over them. The types of third-party cookies used are mentioned below. Some of them can be turned off, by using the general settings of the user’s browser. As for the other cookies, the users must visit the respective websites and follow the instructions available.


How to manage and/or delete cookies?


Most sites automatically accept cookies, but if you don’t want to accept them, you could set your browser to reject them. Most web-browsers provide cookie management through the settings of the browser itself. Usually, you can find these settings in the “Options”, “Settings” or “Preferences” menus. You are able to delete some or all of your cookies that are stored on your device, as well as to set your browser to block them entirely. But if you do that, you may have to manually set some parameters/preferences every time you visit a certain website, and on top of that some services and features may stop working. Unfortunately, in the majority of cases, a universal option to disable cookies, without stripping off the functionality they add to the respective website, is not available.


If you use different devices to visit our Website, you must set up the browser on every one of them, so that it reflects your preferences regarding the use of cookies.


For your convenience, we provide you with the links to pages, from which you can configure the cookies depending on the browser you use. These links redirect you to third-party websites which are not controlled by us and we do not guarantee that they’re accurate and up-to-date.




To learn more about cookies – including, how to manage them – you can visit http://www.aboutcokies.org[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]