About usAbout us

The idea to make original designer art wallpapers came to us from above, just struck us.
We knew neither what we are getting into, nor anything about wallpapers at all.
This happened springtime 2017.

We deeply believe in the beautiful as actual welfare for our being.
The beautiful in and around us teaches the look, the spirit, the taste,
the thinking, the feelings, the social skills.

The idea to create beautiful walls enchanted us.

When we spend most of our life, closed between few walls, it would be better
to make these walls the opposite of limited space;
to make them unlimiting, to make them inspiring, moving, elevating.

From this thought our name was born – Walls beyond.

On the market are being offered endless number of wallpapers with not original designs,
with pictures taken from the internet. This is not for us.

We are here to create new and original content. We are here to create art.

Our painters work only this – they are painters.
To paint is their vocation and they have turned their gift into occupation.
Every year we create new collection, which we develop in synergy with them.

Creating new designs and new collection is an elation, you have to succumb to,
in which you have to sink, to let it have the lead, so that the result is candid,
so that the result is outstanding and rememberable.

True inspiration always shows.

All our painters paint the old-fashioned way – with brush and aquarelle, acrylic, oil, ink;
with pencil and fineliner; with felt-tip pen and crayon; with quill and charcoal, chalk etc.
Some of them also are masters in graphic tablet painting.

The sizes of our illustrations constantly grow.
After an illustration is ready, we scan it on special super high-res artworks scanner,
so that with the enlargement we achieve resolution with perfect resolution and sharpness.
Wallpapers are being watched closely; this is not billboard.
Because of the quality resolution we have, in the final vision of the wallpaper is felt
the move of the brush, the line of the pencil is clear; the fine nuances of the colors are visible.

And when we have the perfect printing file – what shall we print on?
Our personal experience with wallpapers as well market research, showed us that even
the biggest companies in the business use quite basic materials.
And all of them work with wallpapers with joints.
For us the wallpaper material is the final stroke in the whole picture.
We researched wallpaper materials manufacturers in the whole world.
We bought and tested many and we constantly follow and test new and new materials,
so that we offer our clients a really high-class quality product;
product like no other; product, offered only by us.

Most of our materials are seamless – meaning they can be installed with no joints.
And most of our materials are textile.
Even our basic materials are super quality high class ones.
With this final element in the production, our wallpapers become something more than
a beautiful graphic on the wall. They become wall art.

Since we make every wallpaper custom, to us each project is unique and personal.
Every project is communication with client, through which passes the creation of the wallpaper.
We truly love what we do.