VMware Sofia, floor 3

Offices are very special place for wall decor. It should be cozy, but not homy. Should be fresh, but not lush. Should have color, but should not be colorful. Should be interesting, but not distracting. And for some clients it is very important to be original.
In the offices of @vmwarebg we decorated more than 2000sq.m. hard and glass walls with graphics created specifically and only for this client.
Today we share with you floor 3, inspired by the theme of “Geometric nature”.
On each wall, aside of the graphic wallpaper, we have 3d elements, which are part of the whole graphic. The 3d elements are crucial part of the overall graphic concept of real virtuality, which is our graphic expression of the most popular VMware product – virtual machine.
All wallpapers are executed on Seamless Vinyl Linen, installed with no joints.
The 3d lements are made of many different materials – iron, aluminium, cotton balls, MDF, plexiglass, etc.
Project by: Swanke Hayden Connell Mimarlik