VMware Sofia, building C, floor 6

Yes, we did a lot of staff for the offices of VMware Sofia.
If you have not looked at the other floors, look at them.
This is a colossal project for decorating hard and glass walls on 8 floors.
There was a tender, which we won and thus we entered the deep waters of gigantic projects for gigantic clients.
We won the tender with our global graphic concept, which is presented in a different way for each floor, by different artist. For the tender itself we have developed minimum 50 different graphics, which presented various graphic concept, each one with specific examples of how it unfolds in reality.
Floor 6 in building C is mainly for trainings and experience exchange for teams from the whole world.
Client required that we use sports as the blending interest between so many different people, from so many different nationalities.
On this floor, again, we present the graphic idea through the two-dimensional wallpaper and the 3d element above, which is part of the whole graphic.
All wallpapers are executed on Seamless Vinyl Linen and except for one wall (the so called “Instagram wall”, with the clouds), are installed with no joints. The tall wall was 4m as height, our material is at 320cm width and we had joints, but they are not visible because both our material and our installing team are perfect.
Project by: Swanke Hayden Connell Mimarlik