VMware Sofia, 2nd floor


The time when offices were supposed to have white walls is long long time gone.

Whatever business it is, it involves emotion and creation.

When it comes to daily breaking the boundaries of existing, the standard hits the skies.

We have won the tender to decorate VMware’s new premises in Sofia. Tough to win, even tougher to execute.

We had to do more than 1000sq.m. of design – for solid and glass walls. To create, manufacture and install them. Now all the worries are gone and can proudly look at the result and share it with the whole world.

Every floor had a different theme; every floor had a different designer.

The theme for the 2nd floor was “Nature”.

All hand drawn designs, which magically change the office to a place you go because you love to do so. The 3d elements above the wallpapers are strategic add on – VMware make the analogue virtual, so we make the flat one a dimensional one.

Project by: Swanke Hayden Connell Mimarlik