Vizualiza hotel, Plovdiv

Every project needs its main person – who know irt best, who cares the most about it, who deeply feels it with all senses, who feels what it needs, who will do it good, who will do harm, when and what needs to be done. This person does not compromise. And with this type of person, whatever the project is, receives the same attitude.
This is the power to do things, the way they should be done.
Architect Boyana Russeva is this type of person. Clear idea, ordered thought, reflected requirements, fast decisions. With her everything is understood right away. Her very attitude provokes diligence in every one related to the project. At site she is everywhere. This shows clearly in the final look of each detail. Because it is one thing to draw calmly in the study. And it is another thing to make the worker do his work with diligence.
Arch, Boyana Russeva turned to us for the wallpaper decoration she had in mind for hotel Vizualiza in Plovdiv. The hotel revives the building of a cigar fabric “Eagle”, located high (in a completely flat city the hills become mountains) at Sahat tepe.
All designs are created specifically for this project.
For the ceilings in the restaurant, we have created ornamental graphic, with geometric pattern, repeated in other interior solutions. The ceiling wallpapers are executed on Seamless Nonwoven and installed with no joints.
For the male rest rooms we created an abstract, still very energy loaded vision with running horses (painted with pencil) and fascinating texture, painted with varnish.
For the ladies rest rooms we created a very ethereal graphic with orchids, painted with pencil and aquarelle.
The graphics for the fitness are loaded with movement and power, painted with acrylic and varnish.
The spa center is decorated with sunk in fog forest.
All wallpapers for the rest rooms, fitness and spa center are executed on Seamless vinyl wallpaper “Linen” and installed with no joints.
A project by: Boyana Russeva