The black kitchen in Chelopechene

In a home everyone should has a personal spot, where rules his rules, where vibrates his energy, on his frequency.
Many people spend quite a lot of time in the kitchen, but they do it as duty, as something that needs to be done and afterwards, they go to the place where they prefer to be.
For others, though, the kitchen is a place for reflection, meditation and creation. And everything they do in the kitchen is precisely with this loading – as reflective-meditative-creative.
In a kitchen like this we were invited to step in, in Chelopechene. And this black kitchen captivated us.
Client has chosen wallpaper design “The Magic hour”, with the request to be without the lady’s silhouette.; and truly, this graphic stands there as if it was initially created specifically for this very place.
Executed on Seamless Tat wallpaper material, installed with no joints.