“Smile design” dental clinic

They are boutique dental clinic, for which even in Hollywood will envy us.
Extraordinary professionals, for which the work well done is a matter of personal honor.
They are good in everything they do; they are good in each detail, connected with their job.
Obviously, they are blessed with more than one talent (as is usually the case with talented people), because the interior is done entirely by them.
They had very clear idea of what they want to achieve with the wall décor.
Talking to them we decided to make the wallpapers as panels. The wallpaper is glued on the wall, but the ends are covered with frames. These are not picture frames, but are the simplest decorative wall frames, which we color in the proper for the graphic color.
All designs are executed on Natural Silk wallpaper material, whose noble radiance is incomparable.
Project by: Maria Fransis, Selar Fransis