Sevtopolis hotel

Nowadays the ceilings get lower and more and more neglected as important part of the interior design. At best they could get few nice lamps.
But look at the ceilings back in time. And we are not talking just about big buildings in Europe and around the world – as castles, operas, hotels, restaurants, saloons etc.
Even here – look at the old houses in Plovdiv, in Russe… the ceilings are hand-painted, with wood carving, gypsum ornaments… The ceiling is not just a roof above the head. The same way some clothes are made to be beautiful; it is not just about them keeping you warm or cool; yes, this is their functionality, but why functionality should limit or even deny the need to be beautiful?
The architects at Stephen George International impress with their vision, swing and professionalism.
One of their many tasks in Sevtopolis hotel was to refresh the reception, with the important note from client – “Do not touch the reception!”. Cool, right?)))
This is hot the ceiling decoration is born, where we step in.
The design is bespoke. We painted many different leaves and created a design in the required color gamma.
The wallpaper is executed on Seamless Vinyl “Linen”. Each of the three parts of the ceiling is a whole separate piece and is installed with no joints.
A project by: Stephen George International