Restaurant 042, Stara Zagora

Have you noticed how for some people – their things just work out. Whatever they get to do, it works out, and it works out pretty great. As if the whole Universe has been waiting for them to do exactly this, so that so many other things work out, after being in more or less messy waiting mode for quite some time. And everything that starts walking with them, thrives.
This is one of the consequences of practicing the life philosophy in the style of Sun Tzu, “The art of war” – тo be able to do everything in the right moment.
We will let you reflect on how this art is achieved, while we show you some beauties.
Both the architects from @husharchitects and the managers of Restaurant 042 in Stara Zagora, are this types of people, whose things work out.
In the center of Stara Zagora, where the chestnuts’ trees are more than the linded, is located the marvelous building of the Art gallery, to which has sprouted the restaurant.
We got irrigative and opioid quantity to decorate in it.
Even our buffalo (“Tom model” wallpaper), got the chance to come live.
“Terano” – main hall.
“A night in the jungle” – left of the entrance.
“Looking for Venice” – in front of ladys’ lavatories.
“Magical forest” – ladies’ lavatory.
“Top model” – lavatory for people in wheel chair.
“Darwin said…” – male lavatory.
All wallpapers are executed on Seamless Vinyl “Linen” and installed with no joints; including the 14-meter wall with “Terano” wallpaper in the main hall.