“Rain, rain, come and play” for bedroom

There are designs, which somehow push you to be created.
You have not been thinking to create it, you have not planned it “something like that I feel like creating”, it is not the fruit of some vivid visual impression, which has now fermented to bring to life a new vision.
Just at one moment the cut of a cut of something stands tall in front of you and tell you: “Here I am, I wanna be blended with something like tis and that, a little bit of this whatever and that whatever, and it is all set, get it done!”
“Rain, rain, come and play” is this type of design, self-made somehow.
A lady was looking for a wallpaper for the bedroom in her new apartment. She has picked up one, which she asked to revise first this way then that way, and that another way. And after so many revisions, the wee design gave up, it stopped breathing, stopped being alive. The lady got it clearly that it all got messed up and after quiet meditative meticulous search on our website, she picked up “Rain, rain, come and play!”. This is how this self-made design got gravity and proved that its creation is for a reason.
Executed on Seamless Linen, installed with no joints.