Vizualiza hotel, Plovdiv

Every project needs its main person – who know irt best, who cares the most about it, who deeply feels it with all senses, who feels what it needs, who will do it good, who will do harm, when and what needs to be done. This person does not compromise. And with this type of person, whatever the project is, receives the same attitude.
This is the power to do things, the way they should be done.
Architect Boyana Russeva is this type of person. Clear idea, ordered thought, reflected requirements, fast decisions. With her everything is understood right away. Her very attitude provokes diligence in every one related to the project. At site she is everywhere. This shows clearly in the final look of each detail. Because it is one thing to draw calmly in the study. And it is another thing to make the worker do his work with diligence.
Arch, Boyana Russeva turned to us for the wallpaper decoration she had in mind for hotel Vizualiza in Plovdiv. The hotel revives the building of a cigar fabric “Eagle”, located high (in a completely flat city the hills become mountains) at Sahat tepe.
All designs are created specifically for this project.
For the ceilings in the restaurant, we have created ornamental graphic, with geometric pattern, repeated in other interior solutions. The ceiling wallpapers are executed on Seamless Nonwoven and installed with no joints.
For the male rest rooms we created an abstract, still very energy loaded vision with running horses (painted with pencil) and fascinating texture, painted with varnish.
For the ladies rest rooms we created a very ethereal graphic with orchids, painted with pencil and aquarelle.
The graphics for the fitness are loaded with movement and power, painted with acrylic and varnish.
The spa center is decorated with sunk in fog forest.
All wallpapers for the rest rooms, fitness and spa center are executed on Seamless vinyl wallpaper “Linen” and installed with no joints.
A project by: Boyana Russeva

Restaurant 042, Stara Zagora

Have you noticed how for some people – their things just work out. Whatever they get to do, it works out, and it works out pretty great. As if the whole Universe has been waiting for them to do exactly this, so that so many other things work out, after being in more or less messy waiting mode for quite some time. And everything that starts walking with them, thrives.
This is one of the consequences of practicing the life philosophy in the style of Sun Tzu, “The art of war” – тo be able to do everything in the right moment.
We will let you reflect on how this art is achieved, while we show you some beauties.
Both the architects from @husharchitects and the managers of Restaurant 042 in Stara Zagora, are this types of people, whose things work out.
In the center of Stara Zagora, where the chestnuts’ trees are more than the linded, is located the marvelous building of the Art gallery, to which has sprouted the restaurant.
We got irrigative and opioid quantity to decorate in it.
Even our buffalo (“Tom model” wallpaper), got the chance to come live.
“Terano” – main hall.
“A night in the jungle” – left of the entrance.
“Looking for Venice” – in front of ladys’ lavatories.
“Magical forest” – ladies’ lavatory.
“Top model” – lavatory for people in wheel chair.
“Darwin said…” – male lavatory.
All wallpapers are executed on Seamless Vinyl “Linen” and installed with no joints; including the 14-meter wall with “Terano” wallpaper in the main hall.

Apartment in Hill side, Simeonovo

A huge apartment, as the saying goes – a horse to ride in it.
Each room with is own spirit and color gamma.
In the cabinet the wallpaper graphic “The Magic hour” creates the feeling of calmness and timeless.
Executed on wallpaper material Seamless Tat, installed with no joints. The other walls we covered with deep green Seamless textile wallpaper. In the room, though there is no furniture at all and even before the curtains came in, the textile wallpapers took away all the echoing.
In the so-called girls’ room, the wallpaper graphic “The Magic Flute” transfers to the quietness and calmness of the places free from concrete. Executed on wallpaper material Seamless Tat, installed with no joints. The other walls are covered with Seamless textile wallpaper with the same texture as the tat.
In the so-called boys’ room entered a bespoke wallpaper graphic, which is not part of our collection and even has no name. Very vivid geometric graphic, expressive texture. Executed on Seamless nonwoven wallpaper material, installed with no joints. The other walls are covered with Seamless textile wallpaper, grey silk.
In the living room entered our brand new then, hot, fresh, just painted wallpaper graphic “Solaris”. The graphic is painted with various varnishes and is as heady as the very ocean from the novel. Executed on Seamless Silk wallpaper material. The photo cameras are not capable to reflect properly neither the radiation, not the color gamma of the wallpaper looked at live.

Cota 1110

There is the most-wonderful place on Earth – in the skirts of our favorite Malyovitsa peak.
The feeling is as returning back to the true beginning.
In this heavenly place, TeDesign created amazing boutique hotel.
Each detail is original and every single interior solution shows that it was thought, thought and finally invented.
And the best part is that there are no bugs in the final realization, everything is flawless, to the last stroke.
Well, yes, we are very proud that our wallpaper entered this place.
The wallpaper graphic “The Deer’s song” was adapted except as composition, as well as color – it had to blend with the green, which is the corporate identity color of the whole hotel.
The wallpaper is executed on Seamless Vinyl “Linen” wallpaper material and for each space the wallpaper is one single piece.
Project by: TeDesign

“Smile design” dental clinic

They are boutique dental clinic, for which even in Hollywood will envy us.
Extraordinary professionals, for which the work well done is a matter of personal honor.
They are good in everything they do; they are good in each detail, connected with their job.
Obviously, they are blessed with more than one talent (as is usually the case with talented people), because the interior is done entirely by them.
They had very clear idea of what they want to achieve with the wall décor.
Talking to them we decided to make the wallpapers as panels. The wallpaper is glued on the wall, but the ends are covered with frames. These are not picture frames, but are the simplest decorative wall frames, which we color in the proper for the graphic color.
All designs are executed on Natural Silk wallpaper material, whose noble radiance is incomparable.
Project by: Maria Fransis, Selar Fransis

Blue bedroom in Mladost

The deep blue is probably the most soothing color. Sinking in it, senses reach meditative balance and clarity of perception.
The interior solutions in dark blue always stand out, always stand very sincere and refined, vey stylish, very simple and well thought. Probably because the ones thinking in deep blue are working at the vibrations of the meditative balance the color itself generates.
This is an ordinary as size and architecture bedroom in an ordinary apartment in Mladost. But the good interior designer succeeds in turning any location in a space with atmosphere and style.
We are present with one small accent wallpaper, which we could never suppose would look so gorgeous in deep blue version.
“Cubism” is executed on Seamless Vinyl wallpaper “Linen”.

VMware Sofia, building C, floor 5

At the times before covid, the well working offices expanded and created more and more offices and as pleasurable for working in them as possible.
VMware did things quality and with a swing.
Having decorated 6 floors for them in building B, we already had experience both inworking with them and in knowing where to slide our inspiration and how to judge our ideas long before finalizing and presenting them.
VMware is extremely demanding client. And that’s the way it should be.
Most of all we were pleased with their request to have original graphic design, created specifically for them, and only for them. When you give creatives such task with so large field for expression, they simply fall in delirium. However hard it is, it is even more pleasurable.
Floor 5 in building C was with theme “Wild life”.
As in all other floors, the whole design is created from the combination of the printed wallpaper graphic and the 3d elements over the wallpaper.
Project by: Swanke Hayden Connell Mimarlik

House in Dragalevtsi

Някои хора умеят да живеят хубаво. И са хубави хора.
С хубави хора се намират, с хубави хора работят, хубави работи правят.
Това беше първият ни проект с IDEA.
При тази първа среща с тях това, което ни учуди не беше невероятният им професионализъм, перфекционизъм и силен творчески заряд, които затвърждават мястото им сред най-добрите комапнии за архитектура и дизайн в Европа. Това, което ни учуди беше, че хората от екип на толкова високо ниво, са толкова земни, скромни и лишени от всякаква суета.
Дизайните и на трите тапета, са създадени специално за този проект и са по графични идеи на IDEA.
Интериорният дизайн за момчешката стая до последният детайл е измислен за малкия голям любител на колите и високите скорости. Тапетът покрива целият таван, стената зад леглото и срещу него. Илюстрацията е рисувана с акрил. Тапетът е изработен на Безшевен винилен тапет „Лен“. Стените са монтирани без снадка. На тавана има една снадка, защото е по-широк от 320см (колкото е ширината на материала).
Дизайнът за тапета за момичешката стая също е рисуван с акрил. Тапетът е изработен на Безшевен Лен, монтиран е без снадка.
Дизайнът на тапета за родителската спалня е динамична геометрична игра, с много силно изразени растерни текстури. Съчетано с изработката му на материал за тапет Безшевен Плюш, финалното излъчване е на дамаска.
Проект на: IDEA

Studio Zappriani showroom

They create beautiful light.
However crazy lamp you need, they will make it for you.
On the other hand, at their showroom you will find amazing selection of brands for lighting, which will make you desire a lamp on every square inch.
They are our friends and partner and for them we created a special design, which we have not named yet.
The wallpaper is executed on Seamless Linen.
Since the height is more than 280cm (which is the width of the material), the linen is installed with joints. The material is very thick and the joints are visible; and we really do not like visible joints. This is why we made flat strips, which we painted in proper color and we installed them over the joints.
Thus, was achieved a very spatial effect, which perfectly blends with the abstract wallpaper graphic.
Project by: Niya Zaprianova

The black kitchen in Chelopechene

In a home everyone should has a personal spot, where rules his rules, where vibrates his energy, on his frequency.
Many people spend quite a lot of time in the kitchen, but they do it as duty, as something that needs to be done and afterwards, they go to the place where they prefer to be.
For others, though, the kitchen is a place for reflection, meditation and creation. And everything they do in the kitchen is precisely with this loading – as reflective-meditative-creative.
In a kitchen like this we were invited to step in, in Chelopechene. And this black kitchen captivated us.
Client has chosen wallpaper design “The Magic hour”, with the request to be without the lady’s silhouette.; and truly, this graphic stands there as if it was initially created specifically for this very place.
Executed on Seamless Tat wallpaper material, installed with no joints.