Textured Vinyl Wallpaper “Silk”Textured Vinyl Wallpaper “Silk”

Impressive similarity with silk texture.

Completely matte.

Very sharp printing qualities. Joints are not visible.

Composition (top): PVC

Backing: osnaburg


Textured Vinyl Wallpaper “Silk”
  • width: 137cm
  • weight: 425g/sq.m.
  • water resistant
  • FR: ASTM E84 Class A
  • application: public spaces / wet spaces / residential


  • We recommend you to hire professional wallpaper installing team.
  • We print with min. 5cm bleed.
  • When there will be joints, we print with 2cm overlapping between the stripes (the overlapping should be cut off).
  • Heavy weight wallpaper glue should be used.
  • Paste the wall.
  • We offer installation for Bulgaria as well as out of the country for bigger projects.