Seamless Vinyl LinenSeamless Vinyl Linen

Delicate textile texture. Very sharp printing qualities.

Completely matte.

When one of the wall dimensions is up to 320cm, the wallpaper is installed seamlessly, no joints.

Our longest seamless installation with this material is 30m.

Composition (top): 100%PES

Backing: grey

Seamless Vinyl Linen
  • width: 320cm
  • weight: 330g/sq.m.
  • water resistant
  • FR: b-S2-d0
  • application: public spaces / wet spaces / residential
  • maintenance: soap water / diluted detergents / wet towel


  • We recommend you to hire professional wallpaper installing team.
  • We print with min. 5cm bleed.
  • When there will be joints, we print with 2cm overlapping between the stripes (the overlapping should be cut off)
  • Heavy weight wallpaper glue should be used.
  • Paste the wall.
  • We offer installation for Bulgaria as well as out of the country for bigger projects.