Artificial Silk Wallpaper “Platinum Gold”Artificial Silk Wallpaper “Platinum Gold”

Depending on the light (and your mood) you will see it either as silver or as gold.

This artificial silk textile wallpaper is so noble and humble in it’s glamour that it can even share corners with a plain white wall.


Composition (top): 100% polyester

Backing: nonwoven paper

Artificial Silk Wallpaper “Platinum Gold”
    • width: 137cm

    • weight: 290g/sq.m.

    • FR: ASTM E84 Class A

    • application: residential


  • We recommend you to hire professional wallpaper installing team.
  • We print with 5cm bleed and 2cm overlapping between the stripes (to be cut out in installation)
  • Heavy weight wallpaper glue should be used.
  • Paste the wall