Living room and kids’ room in “Forest” complex

There are few spots in our city where the residential buildings are at the edge of the forest. “Forest” residential complex is named truly tautologically… the forest literally starts at its edge.
It is so distanced from everything, calm, spacy and quiet, that you forget you are in Sofia.
In one of the apartments there we were invited to make wallpapers for living room and kids’ room.
The owner told us that when the construction works of the complex have started and she has decided to purchase a property there, long, long time before any thinking of the interior design to be started, she has decided firmly to have “I got the blues” wallpaper for the living room.
A good start, we would say)
And for the kids’ room we were asked to achieve a very specific blue color and to create the simplest and still so nice pattern – dots.
Both wallpapers are executed on Seamless Plush, installed with no joints.