Hotel Marinela SPA center

For those who grew up before the Perestroika (as we are), this is the Japanese hotel.
The good thing is that its transformation into hotel Marinela did not exclude
the Japanese decorative thread, which they support to date.
We were more than happy when the management of SPA center called us for its renovation.
They already have picked up two of our designs we have done in Japanese stylistic –
“Forgotten beauty” and “Kenrokuen”.
Fortunately, we also had to paint two new designs.
Give it to us … it’s a pure happiness to “have to” create designs in Japanese stylistic.
We have a whole art family, initiated into the magic of the Japanese illustration and calligraphy.
In terms of execution – “Forgotten beauty” is a backlit box.
The other three designs have been executed as wallpapers,
printed on Seamless Vinyl “Linen”, Installed with no joints.