Home in Simeonovo

The tandem of Client with developed aesthetics and Architects with applied aesthetics and perfectionism, achieve vision, which drastically differs from the rest.
However good an architect is, if his ideas do not resonate in client, he will not be able to apply his creative ideas.
We were lucky to work with such a tandem for a home in Simeonovo.
Precisely these type of people are striving to achieve beauty and grace in each detail, in each space.
“Express yourself” is on the sliding doors of the loo at the main floor. Executed on “Vinyl Dots“, whose slight glitter enriches the graphic. Additionally we installed aluminum corners from all sides of the doors, in order to close tightly the wallpaper.
“Magical forest” is in the loo of the living room floor, executed on Seamless Vinyl “Linen”.
A project by Hush Architects.