Cota 1110

There is the most-wonderful place on Earth – in the skirts of our favorite Malyovitsa peak.
The feeling is as returning back to the true beginning.
In this heavenly place, TeDesign created amazing boutique hotel.
Each detail is original and every single interior solution shows that it was thought, thought and finally invented.
And the best part is that there are no bugs in the final realization, everything is flawless, to the last stroke.
Well, yes, we are very proud that our wallpaper entered this place.
The wallpaper graphic “The Deer’s song” was adapted except as composition, as well as color – it had to blend with the green, which is the corporate identity color of the whole hotel.
The wallpaper is executed on Seamless Vinyl “Linen” wallpaper material and for each space the wallpaper is one single piece.
Project by: TeDesign