Boyana residence

We were very lucky to work with super demanding clients – The Lake House Interiors (L.H. Studio),
who were also very rational and quickly came to realize that small images
(as the ones they were carrying in their back pockets, when they called us)
cannot become large wallpaper.
So, they agreed that we paint the acacias in question.
With the wallpaper for the living room things happened on the highway
of the so-called chance encounters, which are so chance as chance is the daily rise of the sun.
We have already began working on our new Collection 23,
when the ladies from L.H. Studio shared that a specifically blue sofa
craves for a wallpaper behind it, so that it shines at its best.
And everything happened in just a few days as it happens at the so-called chance encounters.
The wallpapers are executed on Seamless Silk.